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Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Case

cases Samsung Note 5



The Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Case is a basic flip case.  It doesn’t feel cheap, but it doesn’t feel high end either.  Nobody is going to confuse this with real leather.  A gripe I have is the cover doesn’t lay flat when lying down.  I almost feel as though it needs just a millimeter more spine to full close.  Its like a shirt that is just a touch too short and just needs to be tugged to fully close but always springs back.  For $10 I would say it is about what you would expect from this class.  Nice, but nothing special. – 7.0

Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Case


Not good here.  One of the bottom three cases I have tested when it comes to gripability.  My feeling is with some use it would break in a bit, unlike a hard plastic case but as of now it is the slickest “leather” case I have by a wide margin. – 4.5

Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Caseprotection

Adequate for most drops, but the cover not laying flush leaves something to be desired.  I don’t know how much you could count on it not flying open if it fell.  My guess is it gets the job done for what its intended to do. – 6.0

Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Case


The Note 5 is completely surrounded by a black plastic mold.  The cutouts are very accurate and the volume rocker and power buttons are easy to feel.  The audio jack has a nice cutout to accommodate most headphone plugs. My biggest complaint would be the S Pen is somewhat difficult to remove.  The leather flap gets in the way when you try to grab it quickly.  Overall, it’s more of a minor nuisance than a problem.  Another knock is it does not have holes on the cover for your ear so you can talk on the phone with the cover shut.  That is pretty much standard these days.  The fact that the cover doesn’t lay flat probably would have made it a hassle to line up so maybe I should be thankful they gave that a pass. – 6.5

Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Case
featuresIt has a card holder and a kickstand.  The card holder may be ok for holding a flat ID or business card, but since this case doesn’t have an indention for the card anything with raised numbers like a credit card may damage your screen over time due to rubbing. For anybody planning on using the card holder I would pair it with a screen protector to be safe.  Given that the cover doesn’t lay flat without a card being used, any size of card furthers that problem. The kickstand however is really useful.  It is stiff and can be put in different angles.  I assume most people would buy this case for its price, looks and kickstand so I have a hard time finding fault with the card holder. The kickstand is high quality. – 9.0

Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Case

Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Case
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  • Great kickstand


  • Not a great grip.
  • Doesn't lay flat
  • Feels like it needs a touch more cover


It’s a competent case. It is not high end looking, nor is it cheap looking. For $10 it gets the job done. At one point this would have been considered a really nice case, but in the last few years cases have come a long way in variety and quality and now it just looks “OK”. It works, the kickstand is useful but it doesn’t stay completely flat which bothers me. It also doesn’t have cutouts on the front cover for your ear which makes it look rather boring and generic. This case at this price point achieves what it set out to do.


Appearance - 7
Grip - 4.5
Protection - 6.5
Accessibility - 6.5
Features - 9