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Daviscase Genuine Vintage Leather Book Wallet

cases Samsung Note 5



This is the gold standard of mass produced Note 5 cases. Pictures can’t do it justice. The old adage that you get what you pay for holds true in this case, no pun intended. It is a beautiful distressed leather that feels great in the hands. The stitching is beautiful and the book spine just puts it on another level. A real work of art. – 10

Daviscase Genuine Vintage Leather Book Wallet

gripIt’s not the best, but it works fine for regular use. If you have ever felt distressed leather you will know what it feels like. One thing to note is that when talking on the phone the spine doesn’t give much and you will have a sort of triangle case when using the phone. I think it actually makes for a nice grip but if you have small hands it could be an issue. – 8.5

Daviscase Genuine Vintage Leather Book WalletprotectionIt has a soft rubber mold that is a questionable choice for durability. Sure, it won’t shatter on a drop but the rubber looks awfully thin between the ports. I question the durability of this mold which is something I will get into later.  That said, the case is thick and I would imagine most normal drops would be safe in this tank.  – 8.5

Daviscase Genuine Vintage Leather Book Wallet

accessibilityAs mentioned above it is a soft rubber mold that the Note 5 is secured in.  Normally that would be nice for easy removal but the cutouts on the bottom are very close and worrisome, especially for a case at this price point.  Right now the part surrounding the S Pen looks hastily cut and much thinner than any other port.  It looks like it might snap at any minute.  The volume rocker and power button are just ok.  You can feel them but it is not a very roomy cut.  The holes are accessible and line up, but cutouts aren’t perfect.  There is also not a cutout on the front to use it with the case closed, and considering how bulky it can be – 6.0

Daviscase Genuine Vintage Leather Book Wallet
featuresIt has the only real functioning wallet I have seen so far on a Note 5 case. Yes, others have card holders, but this one actually feels like a wallet. Very plush interior with a wallet like satin texture. The ID slot has a very elegant material lining it that not only looks nice but makes sliding the ID in and out incredibly easy. The two credit card slots are roomy and have plenty of space to slide in and out, and they stop at the right place so you don’t lose your cards like some of the cheaper wallets can do. Fully loaded the cards does add some bulk to the overall size, but that is to be expected with any wallet case. The kickstand is very competent. It may not be able to do some angle like the more flexible flip cases, but it provides a very solid and stiff screen for you to touch. – 10

Daviscase Genuine Vintage Leather Book Wallet

Daviscase Genuine Vintage Leather Book Wallet
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  • Gorgeous real leather
  • A real functional wallet
  • Ultra luxurious


  • Bulky
  • Some issues with durability


I loved this case the moment I saw it in real life. It is beautiful. Maybe not an everyday case for everyone, but going out to a party, a day at an amusement park or the movies is where this would be really handy. My major negative is that I fear with too much use of the S Pen the rubber molding will break off around it. In fact, it looks like it has some issues before I even put it on which made me put it on and take it off very carefully. Based on the reviews I have found on this case my fears appear unfounded, but it still doesn’t look great. Overall this is a high quality case in all its parts. The exterior is gorgeous, the interior is plush, the kickstand works great and the wallet is actually functional. My only question is the soft rubber insert the phone sits in. If something goes wrong I will update my score but right now based on what I know this thing is a keeper.


Appearance - 10
Grip - 8.5
Protection - 8.5
Accessibility - 6
Features - 10