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Abacus 24-7 Wallet Case

cases Samsung Note 5



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My initial thought was the Abacus 24-7 Wallet Case appears very nice looking, but a little “baggy”.  It is kind of like when a man is wearing a suit one size too big.  Unlike the  Valkyrie Flip Slim Wallet Case that felt like it needed another millimeter on the spine to fully close, this one felt like it needed about 2 mm removed because of the extra space they obviously left for the wallet side.  I thought that even with the wallet side full with an ID and two credit cards it still felt loose.  Don’t get me wrong, the phone is secure, but just the actual case is loose.  Imagine a hard back book with a very loose spine.  Just a lot of give and take.  This is also the only phone I have tested with a closure magnet and it does not affect the use of the S Pen at all.  Overall though it looks nice with a small touch of high end. – 8.0

Abacus 24-7 Wallet Case

gripFor what it is it it pretty solid.  Really the only problem I have is again, the leather has so much give it can move around in your hands.  Other than that it has a nice grippy material on the outside and inside. – 8.0

Abacus 24-7 Wallet CaseprotectionWith the magnetic front clasp this should be well protected from any kind of fall.   A nice thick protectant cover held tight inside of a plastic molding makes it a surprisingly formable contender in this category. – 7.5

Abacus 24-7 Wallet Case

accessibilityDespite the leather case being loose, the plastic molding inside that holds the phone is very secure and the cutouts are all lined up correctly.  They made the audio jack a little oversized, which I prefer, and the rocker volume and power buttons protrude just enough to make finding and using them a painless experience. The S Pen is very easy to get at as long as the phone is open.  A minor gripe is the ID holder didn’t have a hole in the middle to aid in removing the card.  Very nice feature to have if you indeed use the wallet side. – 8.0

Abacus 24-7 Wallet Case
featuresA wallet and a kickstand, with both being very functional.  Is it the best wallet I have used?  No, but for $11 it would easily make for a night on the town/permanent case.  The stand can be fit to many angles and the magnetic closure tab can be tucked into the top of the phone to stay out of the way. – 8.5

Abacus 24-7 Wallet Case


  • Nice looking
  • Functional flip cover and kickstand
  • Low Price


  • Feels a little too big.


Conclusion: For the price this is one heck of a case.  Is this more stylish than some of the other cases I have tested? No, but I haven’t tested a “leather” case at this price point that feels nicer. The looseness of this case is a major turn off for me, but I could honestly see myself using this case.  It may not be the best at anything, but it scores well across the board.  For the price it really covers all the bases.  If it didn’t quite feel so clumsy it would probably be a point higher.


Appearance - 8.5
Grip - 8
Protection - 7.5
Accessibility - 8
Features - 8.5