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DodoBay Luxury Ultra Slim Thin Fit View Window Flip




The DodoBay Luxury Ultra Slim Thin Fit View Window Flip is very sleek looking, but the window looks somewhat cheap.  I knew people who had the old Galaxy’s S View flip cases and they were nice.  They unlocked when you opened them and had a custom screen for just the window. These do none of that.  I know Samsung offers their version again, but I wanted to see how the generics stack up.  The case itself has a shiny, satin finish to them and although not really my thing I suppose it looks of above average quality.  The problem is the window.  It feels like cheap clear plastic and worse it is a fingerprint magnet.  The material doesn’t do it for me, but if I was going on just how the quality appears its above average, but the window really cheapens it. – 6.0

DodoBay Luxury Ultra Slim Thin Fit View Window Flip

gripGrip: For what it is it it pretty solid.  Really the only problem I have is again, the leather has so much give it can move around in your hands.  Other than that it has a nice grippy material on the outside and inside. – 3.5

DodoBay Luxury Ultra Slim Thin Fit View Window FlipprotectionProbably not the case you want if you need protection. The plastic molding only covers the sides and is practically flush with the top and bottom, not giving them any real protection. It is better than no case and the screen cover is always a plus, but I wouldn’t expect miracles here. – 5.0

DodoBay Luxury Ultra Slim Thin Fit View Window Flip

accessibilityAs mentioned above the phone doesn’t impede the top or bottom at all. The volume rocker and power buttons have nice roomy cutouts and the cover has a cutout for the ear. Only the spine covering the volume rocker when closed holds this from a perfect score which is true of almost all flip cases. Can’t do better than that. – 9.0

DodoBay Luxury Ultra Slim Thin Fit View Window Flip
featuresIt has a great kickstand. In fact, if you want a really lightweight flip cover with an extremely functional kickstand this is a nice option if you can get past the satin finish and useless window. Yes, the window is the selling point of this device but it actually hinders me from liking it more so what does that tell you? The real problem, and probably why Samsung does not include kickstands on theirs, is when you use the kickstand it forces your window to be the “table” between the phone and the surface. The window is going to get scratched very quickly in these circumstances. I should also mention it will collect lots of fingerprints on the inner and outer window getting it into kickstand mode. The screen really cheapens this phone, but the kickstand is top notch. – 6.5

DodoBay Luxury Ultra Slim Thin Fit View Window Flip

DodoBay Luxury Ultra Slim Thin Fit View Window Flip
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  • Very functional kickstand
  • Looks nice from the rear.


  • Very slippery
  • Window looks cheap and is a fingerprint magnet
  • Window serves very little purpose
  • Window lays on surface when in kickstand mode.


In doing this roundup of cases I have favorites and ones that don’t appeal to me. I try to be impartial and keep the intent of the case in mind when it comes to my conclusion. I can say that there are only two cases I would personally not use, and this was one of them. I just think the window and texture were a bridge too far for me to consider them. If you require a phone with a viewing window get the real Samsung case, or if you want something similar but a lot nicer check out my review of the Rock Dr. V Ultra Slim Translucent Touch Cover. I have a hard time finding a reason to own this phone, but it does have a very nice kickstand.


Appearance - 6
Grip - 3.5
Protection - 5
Accessibility - 9
Features - 6.5