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NYNE Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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The NYNE Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers I have listened to. I find a lot of these portable speakers trying to artificially boost their bass to give it a more “wow’ factor in the store, but the NYNE Bass has a classic response curve and it shows in listening. At first blush it may seem underwhelming to a boomer type speaker, but after nuanced listening the NYNE Bass is the most accurate, if that is important to you.  Accurate doesn’t always mean the most rewarding to everybody. Speakers come in all kinds of flavors and sounds so just because it is neutrally balanced doesn’t mean its what you will prefer.



The NYNE Bass is reminiscent of an old boom box in shape. A very modern and stylish exterior blended with a ruggedness that works well together. The touch is a very high quality plastic and rubber with a metal grill. Available in white or black it looks very elegant sitting on my table.



The NYNE Bass is one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers I have tested, definitely a top 3. The funny thing is you would expect by its name to be a bass heavy monster, but in fact the NYNE Bass is probably the most balanced speaker I have tested. While it does have plenty of bass, it isn’t the most bass heavy speaker I  have tested, but it probably has the best combination of quantity and quality bass.



p1110972The NYNE Bass scored did extremely well for a speaker of this size. I conducted the battery test with the speakers at their half way point in volume, or one above if the range was an uneven number. From a foot away the mid point decibel reading on a white noise signal was 71db which makes it on average for the other 12 battery powered speakers I tested. Under mid volume listening conditions the NYNE Bass was able to last an average of 14 hours and 58 minutes.



For its size, I find it to be extremely portable. I compared it earlier to an 80’s boombox and one of the main reasons is the handle on the back which is similar to the common handle on the top of boomboxes, which feels the same as carrying the NYNE Bass around. Well balanced in your hand, a nice deep grippy handle and a relatively light speaker makes this a breeze to pick up and take with you.

p1110978-2I doubt its a speaker you would want to throw in your bag and it wouldn’t fit in any purses, but its easy enough to carry around with you if you want to take it. I personally took it on my last vacation to Orlando (review coming soon) and I would carry it out to the pool deck everyday.



The main feature of the NYNE Bass I suppose would be the bass and they deliver.  While not the loudest bass, it is high quality and smooth as every note stands out cleanly. It also has the standard line in jack as well as a USB input. The buttons are large and easy to use with a dedicated phone button. On and off is a simple touch with no long press of a button required.

p1110978-2-2p1110980Overall I think the NYNE Bass is an incredibly easy speaker to use and understand. From a child to a senior citizen, this should be a pretty simple speaker to learn how to use. However it may be too big in certain situations as it is not what I would consider a small speaker. Without wanting to use the “bigger/smaller than a breadbox” cliche, but not only is the NYNE Bass the size of a breadbox, it actually looks like a breadbox, so it may not be for everybody. I get the appeal of having a speaker you can grab and go with and this isn’t that speaker. So while it is easy to use, its usability is limited due to its size.